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  1. very veryyyyy nice website
    wish all your dream come & happens as you like

  2. Thank you Majed.

  3. Hey thx Upin & Ipin for signing in my Guestbook :-))

  4. Heyyyy thanks Alisya and Aqil for signing in MakLong’s Blog 🙂 Maauuuaahhhh love you all comel comel anak buah MakLong …….

  5. Welcome to my Blog Zila & thanks for signing in my Guestbook! Nanti kita nak interview awak dgn Acik hehehe kisah “cintan 1001 malam” korang berdua hehehe

  6. Hi Dave, Hows the weather in California? Hugs to Imelda & yr son too! And hey thx for signing in my Guestbook 🙂

  7. Min!!! Thanks a lot kerana sudi sign in my Guestbook 🙂 mauuuaaahhh
    U take care now and my prayers for your success be with you always dear!!

  8. Hello Mossavi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your inspiring comment! 😀

  9. No sweat Netty, was sincere and hey, why didnt u sign in my Guestbook? 🙂

  10. Lindaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Masha’allah where the hell have u been??? Nasib baik I saw yr new email add while I was clearing up unwanted stuff in m :-)y mobile’s inbox. Hehehehe wah wah bertambah comel kamu! Hey thx for signing in my Guestbook. Keep in touch sis! Hugs & kisses

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  12. OMG Norli!!!!!!!!!!! You in Ankara still??? Or back here in Malaysia?? Thx for signing in my Guestbook 🙂

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  15. Hehehe Kak Nor 🙂 nanti bila saya gi Putrajaya, we’ll have lunch together-gether wokay?! Hugsa & kisses kak!!

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  20. Thank u Capt. Welcome to my blog.

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  23. Thank you Abu Kamara. Welcome to my blog! I try to make my site interesting for everyone, from all walks of life, age, racial or religion. May Allah bless us all 🙂

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  30. Hehe Zakwan, thx for signing in Maklong’s blog Boboy hehe need help? Come to Maklong 🙂

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  33. Salam perkenalan Sha! Welcome to my site. Shukran for appreciating my senseless master piece. Yeah, life’s for sharing, while I’m still around hehehe … if you need to talk, email me ok sis?

  34. Keep on blogging, Kak Dib.

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  36. Hello Jemi & Ija …. welcome to my site hehe and thanks for signing in. Akak dah sms si Allyza and Alim tapi mangkok-mangkok tu belum respond lagi hehehe …. ingat nak tubuhkan Alumni Mangkok2 Ex-TIME ….. 🙂

  37. Mangkok-mangkok tu memang mangkok pun…muargh ahak ahak ahak…! Nice blog la, Kak Dib. Tabik spppprrrinnnggg!!!! Si Ijot tu tak nak buat blog sendiri ke? – Jemi

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  50. Hey,

    I liked the Happy Heart Poster alot – beautiful and very true. I wanted to say hey, and send luv on this beautful Friday afternoon.

  51. Thanks a lot BKladyired, and wishing you a great weekend too!! Hugz…

  52. Thx Tadalafil. Lei e Italiano? Si? Ho visto il suo Blog …. e guarda molto Italiano …

  53. Aiine!!!!!!!! Thanks for signing in my Guestbook 🙂
    I told you Allah works in many mysterious ways and HE never sleeps ….. maka rugi lah bagi mereka yg masih angkuh dgn kerja-kerja yang mungkar … wallahualam. Hugz sis! Nanti kita gi lepak kat rumah baru I in Nilai ok?

  54. Kak Zizah, thanks for signing in my Guests Book, insha’allah if ada rezeki, panjang umur, sampai lah kami ke Kuching nanti. Hugz!

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  56. Hello Irzan, welcome to Mossavi Model’s blog and thanks for signing in my Guestbook 🙂 How’s the weather in Ukraine?

  57. hi Biltrerrerma 🙂

  58. salam ramadhan, i like ur blog..

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  60. Salam Naz, thanks for such beautiful comments … aaahhh but we are all beautiful in our own special ways … do u have a Blog Naz? Let me hv the url if u do. Oh by the way, if aunty happens to travel to Penang, perhaps we can catch up for coffee?? Hugz 🙂

  61. Dear Angelos, thanks for compliments. However, just so you know, I have to edit your comments coz sorry, porn sites are not allowed to be advertised in here. Cheers all the same! 🙂

    Zyn, I liked reading yours too … 🙂

  62. Hi Aunty. The pleasure is mine.
    My blog url is http://jacquespierre.blogspot.com/

    Wud luv to have coffee someday. Hugz to 2u 😀

  63. a kind thank you, all this somehow soothes my soul.

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  82. sory mossavi,
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  83. Salam and Hai.. SElamat Menyambut Ramadhan dan Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang bakal tiba. Tahniah semoga Terus berjaya dalam penulisan mossavi.

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  88. Dear Sioban, if you really want me to delete all your comments I’ll do so …….

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