Adam & Eve


Adam’s sin, and its outcome is depicted in the following verse of the holy Quran – ‘Did I not forbid you that tree and tell you that Satan was your avowed enemy?’ (Quran 7:19-22)

Adam & Eve repent, Allah accepts : When Adam & Eve realized they have disobeyed Allah by eating the forbidden fruit, they called ‘Our Lord, we have wronged our souls. If you forgive us not, and bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers.’ (Quran 7:23). Allah accepts their plea ‘……. then Allah turned to him with forgiveness, and gave him guidance’ (Quran 20:121-122)

The Outcome : Adam and Eve were instructed and repeatedly reminded NOT to eat the forbidden fruit. Satan deceitfully tricked them into disobeying Allah and as a result, Allah ordered ‘Get down (from my garden), one of you an enemy to the other (Adam, Eve & Satan). On earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment – for a Short Time. Therein you shall live, therein you shall die, and from it you shall be brought out (resurrected).’ (Quran 7:24-25)

Adam and Eve were ordered to leave the Garden, and descended to earth along with Satan, where they and their children live and die.

As depicted by the verses from the holy Quran, Adam doesnt blame Eve for the fault. Both share the responsibility and share the blame equally.

Every person is responsible for their actions – Islam preaches that no person should be held accountable or responsible for someone else’s mistake. That if blame is due, then it is due on who deserves it. That if punishment is to be made, it ought to be on the wrongful one.

“…… that no burdened person (with sins) shall bear (the sins) of another. And that man can have nothing but what he does/did (good or bad). And that his deeds will be seen. Then he will be recompensed with a full and the best recompense (fair) …..’ (Quran 53:38-41)

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  5. Thank you Alex …. I’ll do my best to pen down my inner thoughts and feelings as I go along dude 🙂

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  8. All Prophets are innocent and protected by Almighty Allah from sinning. They were tricked by Satan and their act was not a delibrate calculated decision to disobey Almighty Allah. As you mentioned above “Satan deceitfully tricked them into disobeying Allah and as a result, Allah ordered ‘Get down (from my garden), one of you an enemy to the other. Similarly during the Fasting month of Ramadaan if you mistakenly eat or drink your fast is still valid even if you ate to your fill. This is considered a mistake and not a Sin. It was in Almighty Allah’s plan to send Hazrath Adam Alahisalaam to the earth as in his progeny were all mankind. The evilo ones had to be seperated from the good. Those who worked towards Paradise will enter it and the rest will be cast in Hell.

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  10. Great post! I especially like your last paragraph : Every person is responsible for his own actions……….. .

    Well done. Keep on posting.

  11. hi…i like all the article that you had still remain the islamic culture into it..could you gave any updates bout your blog through my email..thank you

  12. Salam Elmira, insha’allah I will alert you whenever I have new articles …. it feels great when my simple articles win the hearts of many …. shukran allah!

  13. This article has a very importan effect that man, the one who make his furue, Man is full of freedom to what is right and forbid what is wrong.

  14. nice efforts

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