by Mossavi

When does Indonesia celebrate its Independence Day?

On August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared its independence from Netherlands. The independence declaration was opposed by the Dutch rulers initially … followed by 4 years of diplomatic meetings … and in 1949, the Dutch recognized the independence.  However, it was only in 2005 that the Dutch finally accepted and declared that August 17, 1945 as Indonesia’s official date of  independence.

What significance does the Independence Day hold in Indonesian history?

In 1602, the Dutch arrived in Indonesia and established the VOC – Dutch East India Company.  After the bankruptcy of VOC in 1800, Netherlands then established the Dutch East Indies – the colony that became the present day Indonesia after the World War II.  Indonesia remained under the Dutch control until World War II, when the Japanese invaded and over-ran the Dutch forces.  The Japanese ruled this archipelago from March 1942 until the end of war in 1945.  When the Japanese surrendered, Sukarno (Indonesian nationalist leader) declared independence on August 17, 1945 and he became the first president of Indonesia.

What does the Indonesian flag represent?

Known as Sang Saka Merah-Putih, the Indonesian national flag was proudly unveiled on August 17, 1945, based on the banner of the 13th Majapahit Empire in East Java.  The flag consists of two horizontal stripes of equal size, bearing the colours – red, which represents courage; and white, epitomizes purity.  These colours have special significance for the history and people of Indonesia.

How is the Indonesian Independence Day celebrated in Frenz United Football Academy?

Frenz United Indonesian colleagues planned and prepared a simple celebration to reflect their spirit of independence and patriotism.  Being away from their homeland did not deter them from coordinating activities as they do not want to miss out on this important day of celebration.

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