Not So Elegant Silence From Najib and Wife

YOURSAY/Malaysiakini 19 Dec 2012

Najib Rosmah‘Do not be distracted by this SD thing, the main puzzle here is why the deafening silence from the ‘I help you, you help me’ couple?’



Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: With all the revelation exposed so openly, it is shameful to see that the powers-that-be are going on as if nothing has happen. Umno, what have you got to say about this?

Kelate: Though I did not study law, logically I believes it is not right for any lawyer to help draft a SD (statutory declaration) without consulting the person who is going to sign it.

If that lawyer is also a member of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) panel that helps clear controversial corruption cases under investigation, then it is really a sad day for all Malaysians.

Is it any surprises then that MACC is so lame and not able to catch any big fishes?

Chiabee2: Do not be distracted by this SD thing, the main puzzle here is why the deafening silence from the ‘I help you, you help me’ couple?
Surely one with any pride/dignity will response to such serious allegations and revelations by the carpet man (Deepak Jaikishan).
It’s amazing too that not a squeak is heard from all those chest-thumping Perkasa-type groups/NGOs.
The carpet man’s assertion that “surely 28 million people are not under the control of just one couple” is indeed true and correct.

Abuminable: “PI Bala had claimed in an interview with Malaysiakini that he signed the second SD out of fear. However, Deepak’s recent series of revelations painted a different picture, alleging that Bala signed it for money.”

It’s the old carrot-and-stick strategy: first put the fear into Bala, then tempt him with lots of cash. He’s just a former SB (Special Branch) officer supporting his family as a private eye – has he ever claimed to be a martyr or saint?

He got caught up in the drama when Najib’s friend Abdul Razak Baginda engaged his services.

The story I’m waiting to hear is what happened to Bala’s assistant, who ended up in the hotel room with three Mongolian women for several days. I’m sure he has a juicy story to tell.

Bartimaeus 2020: In the next few days, MACC may produce serious incriminating evidence against the Bar Council chairperson and members of its disciplinary committee.

I am basing my conjecture on the principle of binding precedent. A suicide note written by Teoh Beng Hock was used to exonerate key MACC officials of blame for his mysterious death in their premises. Also, Suaram was said to have violated certain by-laws of the Companies Commission.

However, the most important case in this regard was the trial of the honourable Lord President Salleh Abas. At that time, Salleh was intending to convene a full bench of judges to hear a petition against the legality of Umno as a political party.

He was tried not by a kangaroo court but by an international tribunal, and was pronounced guilty of sundry offences and dismissed from high office.

James1067: What is the agenda here? Are Malaysians going to be taken for a ride? Who is writing this script? Can Deepak be doing this without a strong backer? Is he in for the benefits promised if everything goes according to the plan?

Malaysians must always be alert not to fall into the game plan of the politicians. This cannot be happening unless somebody who is in authority is allowing it for his or their own selfish purposes.

Headhunter: Should anyone still doubt that the MACC is biased in favour of the Najib regime, this should put the matter to rest.
The lawyers concerned should be immediately suspended from practicing and if found guilty, barred for life. In other countries, they would probably be sent to jail too.

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