Anwar Needs to Censure Utusan and ZAM

Malaysiakini/19 Dec 2012

Anwar-HabibieUmno has been urged to censure Utusan Malaysia and former information minister Zainudin Maidin, over an escalating row which stemmed from the latter’s article containing scathing criticism of several Indonesia leaders.

In a press release today, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim warned that Zainuddin’s vitriol has spread from former president BJ Habibie to another former president, Gus Dur, and prominent reformist Amien Rais.

Anwar said that the comments were rude and Umno, as Utusan Malaysia‘s owners, should compel the daily to apologise for publishing Zainuddin’s original piece.

He also urged Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim to take action.

“Rais should not beat around the bush and give excuses in view of concerted attempts to insult Indonesian leaders which were published by Utusan Malaysia, which is owned by Umno.

“In view of this, is it not appropriate for Umno leaders to urge Zainuddin and Utusan Malaysia to apologise openly?

“I believe that such rude behaviour does not reflect public sentiment and is rejected by the majority of Malaysians who respect those Indonesian leaders,” he said.

On Dec 10, Utusan Malaysia had published an article penned by Zainuddin, who mocked Anwar for inviting Habibie to deliver a lecture at Universiti Selangor on Dec 6.

ZAMZainuddin Defends Himself

Zainuddin’s article accused Habibie of being a puppet of foreign powers, who wanted to see East Timor’s secession from Indonesia by means of a referendum.

He argued that Habibie had betrayed his country and his race, which resulted in his presidency lasting only 17 months.

Zainuddin accused Habibie and Anwar of sharing similar traits, labelling them both as the “dogs of imperialism”.

Following this, Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Indonesian media condemned Zainuddin, who continued to fuel the war of words through his blog.

In a post last Thursday, Zainuddin accused Habibie and his successor Gus Dur of visiting Malaysia on Anwar’s invitation to spread democracy.

“This act really hurts the feelings of Malaysias and it is disrespectful to our country’s official leaders,” wrote Zainuddin.

In a post this morning, Zainuddin drew Amien Rais into the fray by accusing him of conspiring with Habibi and Gus Dur to hold demonstrations in Indonesia back in 1997.

On Dec 12, Zainuddin told Indonesian news organisation Tempo that his disparaging remarks against Habibie were designed to expose the latter’s occasional attempts to interfere in Malaysia’s affairs.


The Truth  :  This Joker is the grade one product from BTN. His real target is DSAI. He hate DSAI because DSAI is threatening the dominance of Umno in Malaysian politic, thus directly affecting badly the concept of “Ketuanan Malayu” which is core ideology of Umno. But he forgot, Indonesia is not easy to be bully as most of our fellow Malaysia which had been subjected to for decade.

whatever   :   This mamak is a Malay celup and an umno cetak rompak. Ptuiiiiiiii.

Cascara  :  You must forgive Zainudin Maidin for his outburst. He must have been having his once every five year ‘erections’.

Mohican  :  He is of toilet character whose parents never taught him manners and so the toilet utusan will also give this gutter snipe some space to spread lies and dischord.

BTN  :  Indonesia is one country that we can ill afford to offend. I believe malaysia no. 1 toilet paper utusan has crossed the line this time and they cant wriggle themselve out. Padam muka with umno and its propaganda machine utusan.

Ming  :  Maybe, I said maybe…the “new voters aka new citizens from Indonesia may decided to vote for PR now because the Umnogoons have belittle their Former President….

One Hand Cover The Sky  :  This is a very dangerous incident. It could spark off another ‘konfrantasi’ with our giant neighbour. Our country top leaders should take stern  actions to punish Utusan editors and Zainuddin Maidin including all those who are responsible for making such a disparaging remarks on Indonesia’s leaders.  Malaysians living in Indonesia will never be safe again after this incident.

Jiminy Qrikert  :  It’s three strikes against Zainuddin Maidin and confirms that he should never ever have been appointed information minister – (i) Maidin is single-handedly delivering the Indonesian immigrant votes to PR. No wonder Umno-Utusan moved as quickly as they did to pull the article (ii) he is doing this by insulting 3 Indonesian leaders all on his own and (iii) he tried (stupidly) to draw a parallel between the ‘failings’ of these Indon leaders with DSAI as being unfit to lead the country by ‘spreading democracy.’ Thank goodness this uncouth Umno goon of misinformation, Maidin, is no longer information minister for Msia.

Ex-wfw  :  YB DSAI, please don’t waste your time with this 4th rate ex-minister. He  thinks that his behaviour can cross international border without any fallout, that is his LIMITED capability only in this Bolehland did he ever had a chance to become MINISTER. Anyway, that has been the quality available among most of the BN ministers. He himself had been ERECTED Minister so he expected others to be of the same quality! Our hope is when you take over, NEVER EVER REPEAT what BN had done!

Slumdog  :  Did I get this right?  Zainuddin said that spreading of democracy “really hurts the feelings of Malaysians and it is disrespectful to our country’s official leaders.”   If he can come up with such pearls of wisdom, he is a pathetic imbecile. Which planet did he come from?


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