10 Keys to Improve Employee Performance

The economy is said to be improving. Though they’ve had their ups and downs, the Dow, NASDAQ, and other market indexes are up from a year ago. The housing market may have also hit bottom.

One indicator that doesnt bode well, however, is the unemployment rate. Firms still aren’t hiring. They’re getting by with what – or whom – they have. What does this mean for the currently employed? It means we’re expected to be more efficient ….. more productive, “We have to do more with less!”, we so often hear it. This is frustrating for both sides. Employees are trying their hardest, in virtually all cases. And employers want to keep growing.   [read more …..]


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    Our company is using most of the procedures referenced in your post. They appear to be running relatively fine. We anticipate implementing many of the other suggestions that are referenced and taking a look at the way they work. We are attempting this to maximize employee morale, and as a result help enhance their overall performance.

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