What is HIJRAH?  Basically it means migration.

THE HIJRAH refers specifically to Muhammad SAW’s flight from Mecca to Medina, in 622 CE.  Islam was not well received in Mecca then.  But now, ironically, it has become Islam’s most holy city.

In Medina, Muhammad SAW’s teachings gained a larger, and much more receptive audience.  Medina allows the fledgeling Islamic adherents to raise families in relative peace, and to develop the principles that would govern their society.  Medina allowed Islam to mature and gain strength as a community.  For this reason, THE HIJRAH marks the begining of the Muslim calender year.

In my context, Hijrah signifies the physical and spiritual migration which I am experiencing in order to explore new paths in life.  Hijrah is about learning to stop reminiscing our past (unpleasant ones especially). 

Factors to consider during my Hijrah transition :-

  • Have patience with surrounding community and arising matters
  • Be open-minded when faced with circumstancial  issues
  • Be flexible when managing issues at hand
  • Be thankful (to Allah) always

It often takes time for anyone to get used to a new situation.  Things will seem ‘odd’ at the beginning, but will become a ‘norm’ over time, insha’allah.  Its always easy to remember all the things we liked before ……and never easy to change our habituals ….sometimes we even forget the reasons why we “hijrah” in the first place …..wallahualam bissawab.


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