Pandai pandai lah Dib ……

by Dib Mossavi

Dear Diary,

Today I felt semacam pulak … restless…  distracted … distorted …. exhausted … ted, ted, ted and more teds …..  tapi despite all the “teds” I still have the energy and synergy (thanks Allah! maauuaahh).  Tough yes, …. but still have to balance my goals with current obligations.  What to do! A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do! Do be do be do!!

Seriously, I dont usually like to over-do things, coz I will only strain myself further …poooh!!..  But looks like I  may need to manage a new set of issues around my current responsibilities as well as manage my desire to spend time with my beloved family….. my kids especially …. spouse – yilek nggerekek!!! … Whatever  …. I still must follow through on what I started prior to any relaxation or recreation….. “ya Allah, ku mohon dipermudahkan segala urusan yang telah diamanahkan ini …..amin!”


One Response

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am sure that there is a similar celebration in your country. Hint, this would make a good blog post. If not, there should be, for isn’t it great to just give thanks for all that we have.

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