by Dib Mossavi

Dear Diary,

I sensed  something odd today as “otherworldly septiles” stir up the winds of fate. I steadily  assured myself that my feet will remain planted on the ground.  But when the unusual rumblings grabbed my attention, it somehow forced me to loosen the reins of control. I think I more or less know whats coming.  Big changes are in the air and around, but I think it may take time before I can really understand what’s happening.  Am I slow or what?!!! …..sigh ….

Relative   :   Dib, takde “kawan” lagi ke?  Takkan nak solo je ….. kerjaya dah stable, apa lagi nak?
Me : No time la actually ….. kena focus kerja ….
Relative : Laaa malam malam, tak lepak with friends ke?
Me : Work from home gak ….
Relative : Laaaa ….!!!! Weekends??!!
Me : Hmmm … kadang kadang siapkan kerja sikit sikit kat rumah …..
Relative : …..kisah gitu ……. AKU ADA SUPERB IDEA!
Me : Yes …??
Relative : Simple….. Like this …….KO KAHWIN JE LA DGN KERJA KO TU!!!!!!!!!
Me : !@#$%^&*() hampeh ……. ngok ngek …. nyesal tanya …..

In short …. maknanya … setting goals in my personal life now is just as important as establishing them within my career kan? Maknanya …. if I don’t have any specific objectives, maknanya I’ll be just floundering around aimlessly kan? ALAMAK!!! I don’t think I want to become a casualty of my potential professional success (in which case if I should be successful lah kan?); …… sigh ….. I guess my life will be more meaningful if only I can have a healthy balance between my job and my personal agendas ……….. alamak lagi ….. SOS!! sob sob sniff sniff …..


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