Dear Diary

by Dib Mossavi

Offlate, issues that arose from difficult feelings of some of my peers — like anger, or fear — were revealed as the light of awareness shone into the depths of my subconscious. While my tight schedules managed to act as a temporary antidote (means I diverted my frustrations and focussed solely on work ….), I still feel as if those unpleasant events were provoking me to behave in an awkward manner to some people….. whats done cannot be undone.  Damages ……

Gaining momentum and confidence, I am pretty much synergized to secure plans and strategies now, especially when I’m getting all miscellaneous details under control.  Its like one of those “magica momenti” ….. why magical? ……. coz my strategies seem to work better than I expected, alhamdulilah more and more issues keep coming to light. I’ll continue with my continuous attempts handling each problem as it surfaced, with sincerity …. and a ‘limp’ smile, ..(‘limp’ sebab I was down with a bad cough, flu and fever). Persistence and perseverance …. as always, will bring me closer than ever to my goals…….. Allah how else can I thank Thee for such blessings except my never ending zikrillah!!!!!


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