Dear Diary

Some “unpleasant” events which took place over the past few days helped me understood what I have in common with a few others. Thanks to my sanity and conscience for giving me  perspectives that’s worth defending. But due to some unlikely talks,  it’s making me difficult to share my plans because everything seems to change so often. I must be careful. I fear that such “talks” would make me a believer before I even know the facts……

Back-stabbing? ……… sigh, I rest my case.

On one hand though, I know that I must be responsible and do what is sensible.  On the other hand, I must say I do itch for some excitements in life and could lead me to doing something uncharacteristically risky ….mampus aku nanti. Walau apa pun, there’s no immediate danger, and it still makes sense for me to pay attention to the details before doing anything I may soon regret.  May Allah be with me always …..


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