Dear Diary

Allah hai … pening .. pening … pening … am going bonkers toing toing …

Opened my mind to a wide variety of data, trying to be as rational as I can, but the unnecessary noise in my head is distracting my focus  that I got only very little  accomplished. Those annoying buzzing noise chatter in my head is getting in the way of fulfilling my heart’s desires. Aaaarrgghhh!!!

I don’t particularly like too many distractions, yet I still find myself lured into gathering as many facts as I can to accomplish my tasks in the office.  But its just too much ….. and unfortunately, having an abundance of information isn’t as reassuring as having certainty. As much as I try to let my common sense reign supreme, my optimism on the contrary, can sorely tempt me to mislead others. Alamak!! No no no no I MUST use my natural discretion to keep myself on track. I’d better!!


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