To Forgive or To Forget

Forgiveness ….. a key part of our emotional and spiritual evolution.

If we fight off forgiveness, we tend to lock ourselves in an emotional prison with the person we refuse to forgive. Even holding to a simple or silly grudge is only bound to hurt the one who is holding on to it.

Recently …. I was very upset with someone close to me but …. thank god alhamdulilah I was able to control the rage …. my burdens are lighter now because I hold no anger or grudges towards anyone.  Its true that when we forgive, we let go of our anger.  Coz if we dont, it will continue to fester inside our mind and soul to the point it may become like poison to the mind.

I cant do much about what other people do to me, but I can do EVERYTHING about how to react to it.

If you dont learn to forgive …… you lose.

I can forgive but I may not feel the same for them again … wallahualam. If they are able to hurt others once, I believe they are capable of hurting them again and again ….

Hate will only consume your heart.  I choose to forgive and pray … but that doesnt mean I can forget the pain … my vulnerabilities doesnt cater enough strength for me to forget easily …. however perhaps over time, and work priorities, I should be able to detour the sadness sooner than expected.


One Response

  1. I’m agree with you…
    I forgive fisabilillah, but in my heart I recognize things had changer and I can’t do anything, but try and keep my heart and mind open for Allah’s sake.

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