Dear Diary …

Every now and then, something ingenious would somehow encourage me to take risks, in the hope of experiencing something new. However, unpremeditated acts of independence can also cause problems …. Fortunately though, my quick rational ways will always bring my thoughts back down to earth…. simplifying the days ahead…..

I felt overwhelmed with all that’s been happening offlate. I was even more surprised at how well I tried to uphold myself though I know I was indeed under tremendous pressure.  I’ll continue to juggle in making those very important decisions.  Dib, trust your instincts like you always did …. quit re-analyzing those painful facts …. they won’t get you any closer to the truth. Let him go.  Let them all go. It’s time to move out of your head and take action….. remember Dib …. pain doesnt hurt anymore coz its all you’ve ever felt ….. subhanallah … worldly bitter sweet sufferings shall be rewarded in Jannah inshallah ….


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