Dear Diary

Saturday – 5 June 2010

Office politics? ….. I do want to make my stand to a significant breakthrough, but I think I’ll need to suspend my disbelief in order to do it. I know progress will be difficult to come by if I try to make plans based only on rational thinking alone. Instead, I’ll also take a leap of faith. Nothing should be holding me back from my fate except my fear for the unknown.

My actions may not reflect my intentions ….. but I may have also misinterpreted others. Dissolving interpersonal boundaries, may permit me to empathize with those closest to me. I do admit though, that I have been struggling to discern which feelings to own and dis-own, but recent events and happenings in the office intensified the situations to a certain extent, bringing temporary clarity……. zikrillah will calm me down …. insha’allah.


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