My Soulmate

A gate opens wide in my here and now, nothing dark, everything pleasant
Fearlessly revealing what my heart is feeling, emotions which can`t bleed,
An immaculate core of a light seed, love prayers that feed
A shower of blessings, wrapped up in sunlight, a heavenly present
In the threshold of my road I stop and gaze at the horizon line
Smelling angels and roses, the blueprint of God`s plan, so Divine
A perfect mate, holding the map of my fate, calling my name out loud
Gesturing with hands and arms with a humble poise, never proud
A clear purpose of faith, real, tangible, not a deceiving wraith
Some years further, a glimpse of the future, a glittering border
Cuddling and smiles without hurry, a whole new world to gain,
A bright living without a worry, a commitment without pain


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  1. great..

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