Dear Diary

………. emotional stakes …… reminding me of what I never had before. I may not be willing to settle for less but ….. at the same time I dont want  to over-react too ……. coz I would rather focus and try to improve current situations, adding a sense of urgency to my struggles. Nevertheless, I think I should be able to overcome the negativity by focusing on compassion …. rather than fear.

At times, I feel pretty sure that I have a sound strategy for success, yet at other times I felt as if my ideas don’t seem to translate easily into action. My confidence level? ….. making it even harder to  modify my plans, even when the course to take is obvious to everyone else.

Sigh …. I’ve come this far! Damn … am not gonna let my uncertainties trick me.  I usually know what to do best!  I’ll do exactly that!  Am gonna open the floor to the suggestions of others …… I want the team to succeed …. I need a TEAM!


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