How To Find Your Soulmate The Islamic Way

Relying on her knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah, along with her experience of a failed and successful marriage, Lisa Killinger passionately articulates what a good marriage is and how Islam provides the blueprint for a healthy marital relationship. She discusses many relevant issues such as understanding and appreciating a good marriage, getting parents involved in the courtship process, the danger of dating and sexual desire before marriage, choosing a spouse based on beauty only, getting to know each other by asking the real important questions, and using the internet for searching.

Her lecture can be a great resource for Muslims desiring Allah’s blessings and guidance in this process and is suitable not only for those seeking their soulmate, but also for those already married and for parents of those looking.

Other topics discussed :-

  • getting married while in school;
  • istikhara prayer;
  • the 3 stages of marriage

Dr Lisa Killinger is the Secretary of the Muslim Community of Quad Cities, Iowa. A community activist, she serves on the board of many social organizations and lectures on comparative religion, women’s issues and world peace.


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