Personal Achievements

Its already been almost 6 years now since I got divorced ….. and been struggling for survival with my 6 kids ….. against the odds and adversities of life ….. sigh ….. thank you Allah, you are the Most Merciful as I am thankful always for the countless blessings YOU have showered me and my family with …….

Educating my children with strong family values was tough and difficult for a single parent like me, especially when they’re bombarded with different messages day in and day out.  And I am fully aware that maintaining family values require dedication and persistence.

Setting myself as an example.  Being human, I too am vulnerable to mistakes and errors.  However, I have to think of solutions almost every other day.  Its not a choice, its a responsibility.  As a parent, my kids hear what I tell them, but a stronger message comes from them seeing how I behave and react to circumstances.  I have to play the role model because that way, my kids may equate my successes and happiness in life with the way I had lived mine and hoping they’ll strive to be like me ….. or even better!

I’d talk about values. My real life episodes have always been the basis of discussions between my kids and I. I’ve had a great deal of tough times raising them single-handedly, but despite that, I am still proud to be blessed with my 6 kids …… whenever I feel terribly down and in despair, I’d tip-toe to their rooms while they’re asleep & melt my depressions away simply by running my slender fingers thru their ruffled hair ……  whispering “Subhanallah ….. Walhamdulilah …. Walailahaillallah ….”   I’ll always forgive them, because it is most effective when nurturing family values.  Usually at a later & suitable time, I would go beyond the surface details to talk about the underlying values behind every wrongful actions they had conquered….. making them understand why …. as well as it’s consequences.

Filtering the media. We all know that the media portrays what sells, not what we should aspire to. That includes supervising and monitoring their internet activities.  Hope you people out there understand what I’ve been trying to convey here  – Maintaining family values definitely require a firm grounding in reality…… and oh boy! it aint easy!

High expectations? Well not in that sense ….. rather, I’d expect something quite more like this ….. “when one member does or says something that’s not in keeping with the expected values, advice them to be better next time”. Never, ever give up! Dib Mossavi did not …… hehehehe

Images during my graduation on 17 January 2010 at Sunway Convention Centre.

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Dib Mossavi!!!
    I always look forward to your site….very inspiring! Thank You so much.
    And thank you to a very dear fren of mine, Norly, who told me to take a look at your website 2 years ago.
    I’m hooked!!

  2. Norly? U mean Norly Dali? By the way thank u for yr compliments dear ……..

  3. thats nice pictures !!!

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