Dear Diary – 28 Jan 2010

My feelings were driven deeper today. I am convinced  that retreat is always a smart idea. I also may ultimately decide that a relationship is worth the extra effort for now, but I am still conflicted about my willingness to play in the realms of love……. ramai sgt Mat Rempit, Mat Reput, Mat Tipu, Mat Pretend hehehehe eh macam-macam Mat lagi lah …..

Who wouldnt be happy if the pressures in life decreases, betul tak?  Looking back, my experiences have taught me much about life. I even had many opportunities  to integrate my feelings into my social interactions with colleagues and peers alike. Trusting others enough to freely share my heart is the greatest gift possible. Perhaps I shouldnt miss the chance to let someone special past my defensive walls………. ooohhh takde ke lagi Noble Knights ….. I long for the era where the Adams have due respects for their Eves ….. Amin!


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