Dear Diary – 22 Jan 2010

Being busy … (mana tak? was in Cameron Highlands from Wed – Fri!!), along with the satisfaction of a job well done, left me in a good mood. It didnt matter if others don’t realize how much I have contributed. For now, it’s about meeting my own quality standards….. cewah cewah mentang-mentang la dah jadi part of QA team hehehehe ……   I know very well that  my low-key approach will eventually work to my advantage and my extra effort will be acknowledged and appreciated….. insha’allah ….

……………. my willingness to wait for satisfaction lingered all day.  Was kinda a lil impatient initially, ….. still ….. wanna make pleasurable moments last longer …….. relax Dib, its important to pay attention to your feelings, otherwise you’ll  react without thinking of the consequences. ….. hey! its Friday babe!!! ….. lets  look  forward to a relaxing weekend dengan anak-anak ……..


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  1. i loooooove this picture !!!!

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