Dear Diary – 17 Jan 2010

I feel it’s high time I let go off the past. Shukran Allah, my emotional intensity’s easing up and I am more optimistic about the future. Life was kind of a paradox before because I was inclined to identify with the surrounding communities. And although I strived to be part of the social network, I was also so fearful of losing my individuality tempting me to rebel.

I also wont let myself get too carried away with what I plan to do otherwise I’ll exhaust myself too soon. If at any time I start a particular project, then unexpectedly, too much work crops up, I’ll make sure I know when to call it quits. I don’t have to prove anything to myself now, even if others may judge me as less than capable. All I have to do is give my best effort …. and then subtly …. just walk away. Learning is about being wiser than before and staying that way …..


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