Dear Diary

9 Jan 2010

Today I managed to pull through from some rough emotional territories. I somehow, inadvertently opened a can of worms (I think) but I  learned more than I needed to know provided I continue  asking the right questions. And I am fully aware that will leave me in stressful conditions which may last for several days ……. takpe, its berbaloi pun.  No pain, no gain maaaaaa!!!

Despite the recent happenings at work, I still believe I can accomplish more than I actually got done, but then again ……. should I waste energy being hard on myself like this? Dib, Dib, Dib …… you deserve some downtime woman! …. so better be certain and insert some creative playtime into your schedule no matter what …… and please drill that into yr crammed up head Dib! Hehehehe after all, ULTIMATELY, I know I’ll be more productive if I make room in my  day-to-day schedules to do something I enjoy most!  Its MY LIFE I’m bragging about here hehehe ……..


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