Dib’s Deli


I took the courage to decide and proceed to try and be a supplier to Nilai Spring, Golf & Country Club.  Thanks to Lin, a friend who pushed me to the edge …….”Cuba dulu, kalau kuih you ok and sedap, mana tahu silap2 haribulan, boleh dapat kontrak dari hotel2 lain pulak …. insha’allah” ……

And so, my quotation to their Procurement Manager caught her interest to give me a chance.  I offered 10 types of traditional Malay delicacies for a start ie Karipap, Kuih Lapis, Cucur Badak, Keria, Lepat Pisang, Pulut Panggang, Seri Muka, Kuih Koci, Kuih Ketayap and Kuih Bom.  Today was our first delivery to them and their menu was Kuih Seri Muka, Lapis, Lepat Pisang and Kuih Ketayap ……

Shasha’s exitement was obvious as she was eager and cant wait to give me a helping hand.  I was caught by surprise realising that she was already up by 3 am to assist me ….. and by 7am … presto! our delicacies were ready ! I hugged her in joy “Sha we made it, we made it Sha!” …… and jumped around with flour all over our faces and sarong hehehe ……

** For someone who hardly prepares delicacies for my own family, what I am doing now is definitely an “over-achievement” hehehehehe …….. kudos Dib! Hello all ……. kotak ni pun buatan sendiri tau ….. my creativity and skills always shock others as usual hehehe ……


2 Responses

  1. omg!! congrats kak dib!! u’ve made it!! pasni boleh la supply to bistro pdc and my cafe! ahaks….

  2. Alaa, tadi Chef tu ada complain sikit aaarrr hehe tapi dia faham coz its my first time ….. dia kata Lepat Pisang a bit too soft, kurang tepung rasa nya ……

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