Dear Diary

13 Dec 2009

The emotionally intense hits rough territory today, forming stressful forces that can evoke an irrational fear of change. Although I may be stubborn about holding on to my desires, but a surprising turn of events released me from my self-imposed constraints, especially when I sensed that  a  good talk can clear the air.

My “ruling” ability , can instigate a heap of mischiefs now, as I interact myself with the rebellious ones behind the scenes. Though I tried to attempt to be a low-profiler and stick to the rules, but somehow, according to some of my very  close, sincere & appreciative colleagues, my innovative ideas are too tempting to be ignored. Gosh … hope I’m not fooling myself into believing that a shortcut will actually save time. I think, ….. I’ll just continue to consider all options while giving my plan a chance to mature. If it’s worthwhile, it will still be just as good tomorrow….. wallahualam bissawab …


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