In life there is no such thing as a perfect family, perfect husband, perfect life, perfect friends or even a perfect job, but I always believe there are perfect moments ……….. though I admit that at times I do crazy things but ….. it made me happy and I acquire self satisfaction from it ……

Saturday, 12 December 2009, another event organized by BizTagClub to mark the end and finale of year 2009.  It has truly been an exciting and meaningful year for BizTagClub as each and everyone of us experienced, learned and understood what life has to offer us.  Happy moments and sad ones.  True friends or hippocrites.  Smooth life vs odds and adversities ….. all adds up to groom us to be what we are today. Hard times – lets face the moments, take up the challenge, then sit back and ponder with a smile …… “Wow, it was tough but I didnt give up!”

It was BizTagClub’s FIRST ever hosting a Family Day, and it went significantly well  …… our deepest gratitude to all who turned up and participated ie Nestle Coco Crunch, JungFrau urger, Hafidz Osman the Wizard, Annuar of FC Sempoi and his Poco-Poco team, En Isa of KBS, the duo-clowns, Hj Wahab and his Car Wash team,


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