Dear Diary

5 Dec 2009

Financial and emotional insecurities lurk at the edges of my awareness lately, yet I wasted energy by attempting to avoid my fears. Today’s sensitivy sparked a series of uneasy quincunxes that highlight the differences between my thoughts and my feelings. Meanwhile my sweet subconscious self (hehehehe), keeps reminding me that true satisfaction is worth the wait, even if it feels as if I don’t have as much as I need in the present moment.

My future travel plans may be in doubt as considering how much time and money I am able to set aside  to splurge on a vacation. It may be prudent now to curtail some of my social activities in light of a job opportunity. But nevertheless, I wont  minimize the positive effect of rest and relaxation. Being responsible doesn’t only mean hard work Dib Mossavi …… ; it also means taking care of myself!!!


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