My Arabic Classes

Ah lan

Started my Arabic classes about 2 months ago ….. not difficult to pronounce because have been reciting the holy Quran since 6 years old ……….. but difficult to understand and translate because never took the effort to understand its meaning seriously before …..

Mr Kofi, our “ustadz” from Ivory Coast whose mother tongue is French, had all the patience to lead us through …… maklumlah, mengajar remaja-remaja veteran macam kami ni bukan nya senang hehehehe ….. tulis short hand, bila nak baca kena long hand …..  tup tup rupa-rupa syair daaaa ……… tu pasal la fail ……… hadoi.

Anyway ….. it has been a fun experience coz Mr Kofi was patience enough …… and we managed to scoop those important everyday phrases like :-

  • marhaban –  hello or hi to a group of friends
  • good morning –  Good morning
  • gd mrng reply –  reply to Good morning
  • gd aftrn –  Good afternoon or evening
  • please – Please
  • how are u –  How are you? (to a male)
  • tq –  Thank you
  • take care –  Take care!
  • yes –  Yes
  • No –  No


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