Majlis Berbuka Jalinan Kasih Bestari

12  September 2009

It’s a double celebration for me.  My youngest son’s birthday.  And BizTagClub’s next event of the year – A Ramadhan Iftar together with 40 orphans from Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari, Subang and more than 100 guests comprising of friends and families.

It was an event I can never forget.  Of all the events I have hosted on behalf of BizTagClub, this was something for me to brag and am expressing my deepest gratitude to my committee members who have worked very hard …….. despite the odds and adversities.  Lessons learnt …. there will always be uninvited parties who’d come in between and whisper words of discouragement (adat manusia suka melihat kemusnahan dan kegagalan mungkin ….. wallahualam) …. but I hope it will not deter the team from falling apart ……… Allah jadikan kita berbagai ragam dan pendirian.  My conclusion is ……… the differences among us is what makes the world go round.  I dont care what others say about me anyway.  I am me ….. if I am a slow learner, so what?  I still have people who dont think I am.  Its easier for others to think and say what they wish without realising the other matters that a person is faced with.  My eldest son would comfort me by saying “Mama, who cares what they think of you, they have never seen how you struggled to be what and where you are today!”

Enough said about the obstacles of life …………. I wanna move ahead and am glad now that I always get to see beautiful rainbows after each stormy weather …… hehehehe berfalsampah lak ……

My special thanks to Puan Wan Iza of Rakan Muda, Anjang and wife, his friend who sponsored the coach to transport the orphans to and fro …… my family, my team-members especially Mas, Aiine, Intan and Joanne ……. things could not have been possible without you ladies ……. thank you also to members of Kelab Sempoi FC for you support! … or course not forgetting Ustazah Wan Rokiah kerana sudi menerima undangan kami …… and the list goes on and on ………

Well, MayTower Hotel gets a lot of credit too for the truly sumptous and mouth-watering buffet line served and all our guests made commendable remarks …… plus the excellent service too! Kudos to all the Banquet Team of MayTower Hotel ………….

Anak anak yatim cute happy faces 2

group foto happy family

Speech Pict 6

Pict 4 Pict 10

Pict 1 Buffet Line

cute happy faces 3 my great team!


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