Dear Diary

I was prompted to hold on to anything that’s safe and secure in my personal world especially now that my consience kept reminding me of my need for stability. Fortunately, surrounding harmonious community (family members and colleagues) helped me feel more comfortable with the ever-increasing speed of change and other expectations at work and home.

diary-7194301As I attempt to carry out my responsibilities, got overcompensated by acting in an overly manner. But on second thought, my fear of being perceived as someone who doesnt follow through on a commitment may have little to do with who I truly am in reality. Rather I think, it was the memory of a past event that stirred this anxiety.

Keep reminding myself “Dib, stop dwelling on previous failures, dont let them stand between you and current successes…..”


One Response

  1. Failures are lessons that can be learnt to avoid recurrence to gain success. If you have current success, there is no need to dwell on previous failures as these had served their purpose. If you were not able to learn lessons from past failure, it will not help too by thinking of it.

    Continual haunting by past failures merely creates unnecessary stress. I would prefer to let go.

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