Dear Diary


It was a challenging week for me.   Everywhere I turned, I saw all kinds of amazing possibilities.  Many times though, I felt as if I was being coerced to express a certain opinion, whether or not it’s my actual belief.  My first impulse was to fight back, resisting passively, at other times,  by not saying anything at all.

I know that hard work is necessary to realize a goal, and I think I’m ready and able for that.  However, whilst being under pressure, I bent the rules a little, and did what’s politically expedient, especially when I felt the weight of circumstances leaning towards me. It was like me standing at the fork in the road and unsure which path to choose.

Alhamdulilah I’m stronger now.  Managed to find ways to support those who needed it while still able to maintain my own point of view.  I’ll always keep in mind that though some important details may be missing for now, I think its still smarter to choose a more realistic option, even if the others look more enticing ……


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