Managing Long Distance Love


Dont we all ever wonder that if whoever coined the phrase “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” was ever involved in long-distance relationship?

The truth is, when many miles separate us and our beloved, keeping the connection strong is tough regardless of our fondness for each other.  But perhaps by establishing a few ground rules and engaging in creative methods of communication, I believe one can make a long distance relationship thrive.

I have had a bad experience but it is not the end of the world tho sometimes I get sick and tired of games.  Perhaps tonite I will have to  set these ground rules and enforce it on myself coz it seems so very likely that I may be dragged into a long distance love sooner than I thought ……..

  1. I must establish ground rules from the start.  I must not assume anything and leave nothing up in the air.  When there is no misunderstandings or bad feelings, means we are already on the same page.  Hmmm seems like a good formula for a strong bond.
  2. I think both me and him need to feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak ….. eerrmmm having something for both me and him to look forward to when the going gets tough should remind us both (me especially) why we’re involved in a challenging situation.  It will be great if we both can have a good discussion on a mutually agreed-upon end goal for our relationship.
  3. Should me and him avoid excessive communication?  Naaaaaa ….. sometimes such doses help make the day better especially when there is enough stress going on at work and home.
  4. Despite of what had happened before, I must re-gain my trust level significantly.  I want my long distance love to survive, I MUST learn to start trusting again.  I must resist the temptation to address suspicions, or be overprotective etc.  I dont want to be regarded as neurotic or unattractive ……

missing person

I was reading a few articles and spoke to a few girlfriends on their views about long distance love.  I am amazed with this remark a girlfriend quoted me :-

Being in a long distance relationship actually offers a wonderful benefit that a close physical relationship does not.  Both parties can continue to grow and enrich lives independently of each other while still being in a relationship.  If handled correctly, each partner can become much more productive and well developed, and will have more to bring to the relation in the end – MARRIAGE

Wallahualam …….. Allah’s blessings is always  sought to ensure this long distance relationship blooms beautifully. Amin!


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  1. kak, Life ( blooms in extraordinary places..insya-Allah.. *hugs*

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