Men Who Cheat And Lies

cheatMost woman already know when their spouse is cheating and lies just make it harder to work things out, truth is the first step to making your marriage work, it will hurt but deceit and lies will sooner or later end the marriage, she needs to be told, she deserves to be told, if you love her trust her to talk it out , if not you will lose her. you need to have the guts to admit you was wrong. If he continues to lie, maybe the affair is not over or he is planning on having another. If he loves you he need to confess, if he does not really love you he will keep the lie going. Why put her through this, it is wrong, Most times all she wants to hear you say is that you love her and you are sorry for what you did.

Cheating is lying! Why wouldn’t a liar lie? Cheaters and liars do not accept responsibility, so they don’t want any accountability.

I agree. Men who cheat are liars. They have to be to keep up both relationships. Why wouldn’t they lie. They will say ‘she means nothing to me’ or ‘she’s lying to me‘, all the while telling the other woman that they love her and want to be with her, sometimes not even letting on that they are in another relationship to begin with. So I agree with the above poster, a liar is…well, a liar.

Men lie about affairs because they don’t want to face the consequences of their actions if the truth is discovered. These are the reasons I’ve heard from male friends in this situation:

  1. Don’t want to get divorced, lose their kids, lose their home and money, lose reputation, lose position in community, lose respect of family or friends, lose respect at work, etc. Most of the time he is not emotionally involved enough with the other woman to lose these aspects of his life over her. Those who are Chronic cheaters usually have brief flings or one night stands and the other women mean nothing to them at all ….. that is, after he has found a new sexier lass to spill his lies hehehehe.
  2. He believes he really loves his wife and wants to stay married to her. He thinks he will eventually grow out of the cheating or that the marriage will get better. This is the kind of man who justifies his actions by saying that his wife never wants to have sex anymore, she’s gained weight, she doesn’t take care of herself, etc. He will blame the wife for making him cheat, thereby giving himself an excuse to lie about it.
  3. He honestly regrets the cheating and would never do it again, so he doesn’t see any need to confess since he has already “solved” the problem. Sometimes they really have learned their lesson, but most of the time it happens again eventually and he tells himself the same thing the next time… and the next, and the next, and so forth ….

Unless it really is a one time thing, cheating men and women will almost always get caught eventually and have to face the consequences. But as long as they are getting away with lying, most people will continue to lie. If you suspect you are being cheated on and being lied to about it, trust your instincts and go the extra mile to prove yourself right or wrong. Or, get out of the relationship and move on to someone who you can trust …… I trust my instincts more than I trust them hehehehe!

Men usually lie because they dont want to hurt you but what they dont realise is that the hurt is even more damaging than it already is, and upsettingly, they wont want to be responsible  for what they did ….. wallahualam.

7 Responses

  1. liar, liar, pants on fire…it’s simple life karma that spells out what goes around comes around. nobody survived from lying and cheating and that includes infidelity.

    A reminder for me and those who are in a relationship to be grateful with what you have and make the most of it. Life is too short to waste in trivial issues and not being happy.

    Don’t forget to keep your pretty too, x

  2. yup…. despite of any gender, both are bound to be liars.
    But because most malay men are entitled to four wives, therefore they are much apprehendable to fall as a bigger group of liars. Can’t blame men for telling lies to their other significant half; because the wife are too trusting towards them. So to all wives out there…please reserve some of your trust and don’t give to your husbands a 100% trust. If you see your husband don’t come to bed with you but instead giving good excuses to finish their work with the computer…well you must watch out for that. It could be he is on his journey to find some sort of the extraordinary kind of love to whosoever willing to fall in his snare….

  3. Yup sis, I wrote the above to correspond to a “casanova’s” nonsense and pain in attitude towards our other fellow-sisters out there ….. difficult to educate the younger generation nowadays when they watch their unruly parent’s (especially ketua keluarga bergelar AYAH) values smeared in front of their very eyes ….. wallahualam

  4. Thanks for your message sis Aimy ………. truely commendable indeed …..Hugz!

  5. Truth may hurt a while, but a lie hurts forever.

  6. Salam Pok Deng ………. its been a long time …… how’s life and work been treating you son?

  7. Dear Sioban,
    I welcome your comment, dont worry your email and other personal info wont be published …. if not because of women power, the men gets away with all their bad and unruly deeds ….. you are not alone in facing these realities of life ….. be strong!
    – Mossavi –

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