EXPLORE ….. my definition …

Mossavi Model think too much …….. oh boy, I cant help it but there’s just too many voices within me telling me stuff …. good stuff, bad stuff, stuff that benefits me, stuff that dont, stuff that matters, stuff that dont …. bla bla bla bla …..

However, I kinda enjoyed a conversation I had with mr P Ramlee Elvis and I challenged him to define the difference between “I tak nak buat jahat” and “but I like to explore” in a manner only he understand most ……(I guess so hehehe).

Well Mr Elvis, here are my thoughts ………

In matters of faith, Allah does not separate women from men.  A sign of the essential equality of men and women is that Allah created Adam and then from Adam Allah created a woman to be his mate.  We all–male and female–believe in Allah, worship and praise Allah, and prostrate before Allah in adoration.  Every Muslim willfully submits to Allah.  Every Muslim believes that Muhammad was Allah’s final messenger.  We all believe in Allah’s angels, His revelations, and the prophets that preceded Muhammad.  We all anticipate our meeting with Allah on the Day of Judgment and spend our lives preparing for that meeting.  We all seek forgiveness of our sins through prayer, fasting, good deeds, and charities.  We all trust in Allah and in the Holy Qur’an, Allah’s final revelation.

In matters of family, Allah has ordained different roles for men and women, with different rights and different responsibilities.  In everything that Allah has created, He has established order and proportion and the family is certainly no exception.  Allah has ordained marriage for men and women in order to make it easier for us to keep His commandments, in order to purge our souls of evil inclinations, and so that we might be a comfort to and a cover for each other during our spiritual journey in this world.  In so creating man and woman as mates, Allah has put love and mercy between their hearts.  No one–male or female–should use what Allah has ordained as an excuse to harm another person in any small way.

Allah has given men more strength than He has given women and so men are more bountiful.  For this reason Allah has ordained that men should be the maintainers and protectors of their wives.  In marriage the husband makes a most solemn pledge that he will act according to what Allah has allowed.  He gives to his wife a gift according to his means.  He inclines toward her with his desire, as Allah allows, and treats her always with love and tenderness.

Because, as Allah has ordained, men provide for their wives from what belongs to them, righteous women are devoutly obedient to their husbands.  In her husband’s absence, she protects what belongs to him.  While her husband establishes the direction the family will take, the wife helps to implement the strategies that will enable the family to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.  She manages the household so that the family benefits most from her husband’s bounties.

The mother is the first teacher for the children.  During the earliest years of their lives, she lays the foundation for future educational experiences; later she helps with school lessons.  She teaches them right from wrong and prepares them for understanding the importance of law and order.  She begins to prepare them to have their own families and to be members of the community.  She encourages them to grow and to explore the world around them.  She shapes the way the children will view the world–possible forever.

Allah did not create the heavens and the earth for His amusement.  All that Allah has created has meaning and purpose.  During our sojourn here, Allah has given us the opportunity to purify our souls so that we might dwell in paradise everlasting.  In this life we are each given a burden to bear and no one–neither our mates nor our parents or our children–can bear our burden for us.  It is through life’s burdens that we are each tested for the steadfastness of our faith.  The earth is our proving ground.  We are all encouraged to explore what Allah has created, all the while observing what Allah has enjoined and forbidden.  Were it not so, Allah will have created this great earth for naught.

Every person–male or female–has a right and a need to explore Allah’s creation and to create a relationship with Allah without the intercession of any other person.  Education gives us the tools we need to explore Allah’s creation, to experience the order and proportion Allah established in what He created, and to glorify Allah’s name.  Women have the same need and right to be educated as do men.

A husband should not fear an educated wife because she is his soul mate, confidant, and advisor.  Her education gives her the tools to make her role as mother, wife and homemaker more rewarding for her and more beneficial for her family.  An educated woman is more confident and more at peace; she imparts her peace and contentment to her family.  She is a better companion because she understands the world her husband negotiates.  She creates a home environment where her family will flourish mentally and spiritually.

And Allah is indeed aware of all that any of us does…………. and does not. AMIN!!

Dib Mossavi


2 Responses

  1. My Dear,
    I always love a smart lady because of maybe 3 reasons:
    1.she can be independant and protect her loved ones
    2.she knows how important a husband is to her life-dunia and akhirat
    3.she not just add value (nilai tambah) to the family but seek to increase the value all the time (nilai tinggi)-make the best and seek the best for all
    maybe there’s more…but that is enough for the time being..so we explore more n more…Inshallah
    Like in my 1st book “Revolusi Aksi” it is all about action for great results and not just talking and talking without actiions and people still suffer or feel miserable….
    Abang R

  2. Revolusi aksi ……….. but we’re both motivators @ trainers @ salesperson …… means we train, educate, talk, convince then ….. move on …… hehehehe …… good friends are hard to come by … pelihara silaturrahim – pun besar juga pahala nya kan kan kan? Wallahualam ………..

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