Dear Diary …..



4 Responses

  1. My Dear,
    Yes,I think U are a strong lady with many experience of being a Mother and woman.Go n get what U want during this lifetime and maybe once a while see whether someone can make that journey better,wholesome and worth your lifetime…..siapa lah dia kan?

    Abang R

  2. Ada lah si Dia tu kot …… hehehe Allah Maha Mengetahui ….. nanti I gotta risik-risik from HIM hehehe

  3. Well said, but are you as strong as you make out to be, temptations arise only when there is desire or need and sometimes needs surpass mental control, what i would say is if temptation and emotions are strong then be prepared to give commitment unless you have fear of consequences of committing yourself


  4. Thanks for your comment Abdullah ….. hmmmm strength …… very subjective …… I am vulnerable in real life but gain strength when I am inspired to pen down my thoughts ……. through life’s experiences …… wallahualam

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