Sharing Is Caring at Ar-Raudah

Saturday, 21 March 2009

As early as 7 am we started off to Pondok Penyayang Ar-Raudah, Gombak feeling both excited and worried at the same time.  Kenapa? Entah la……

Anyway, Aiine’s friend, Shah was waiting for us at the Petronas kiosk just after Sg Besi toll.  He contributed some goodies for our goody-bags, and it is very honoured indeed to welcome him to our event especially upon learning that he drove all the way from Seremban ….. juga  kepada semua yang telah bermurah hati membuat sumbangan peribadi ….. terima kasih daun keladi, jika sudi lain kali join lah kami lagi ………

Upon arrival, we didnt waste much time, but began clearing the area where we thought was a better place to hold our event (under the shed).  Initially we had planned to conduct our games and other activities out in the open netball court, but I changed my mind and instructed my boys to help me clear the area under the shed which I found was more favourable and cooling with plenty of trees and sounds of the running stream by the balcony ………. best!!

Adam, the Clown arrived an hour later, followed by mas and hubby, Yeop.  They unpacked and unloaded stuff assisted by my boys.

Pretty soon, Firza and company showed up, followed by Aniza and Intan, Aiine and company, and the picture was complete when all other members and guests made their appearance, including the Friendly Snake ………….

Everything went fine except for some hiccups here and there (a norm in any event), but overall, there were happy and tired faces.  Happy coz, another of BizTagClub’s objective has been achieved, and tired, coz I am fully aware that all my boys and my committee members had spent sleepless nights carrying out their respective tasks. 

A HUGE BIG NOTE OF THANKS from the bottom of my sincere heart to my family, ALL BizTagClub’s COMMITTEE MEMBERS, their friends, families and guests, Kak Ummi, Ustadz Jamali and wife, and EVERYONE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THEIR VALUABLE TIME, EFFORT AND VALUABLES IN ORDER TO MAKE THE EVENT POSSIBLE !! Shukran Alhamdulilah ……. Allah hafiz!!

Dear all,
Lets Aim for succes ….. not perfection. Never give up on your rights to be wrong, or when others condemn you on your weaknesses and failures, because then you will lose the ability to learn and acquire new things in order to move forward in life.
– Dib Mossavi –






21-mar-09-b 21-mar-09-d

21-mar-09-c 21-mar-09-n

21-mar-09-l 21-mar-games-3







21-mar-09-q 21-mar-09-p





goodies 21-mar-09-z





6 Responses

  1. good job dib keep going

  2. salam.. dib.. siti mmg tgh cari rumah anak yatim yg daif2 ni kebetulan ada member ckp pasal Ar-Raudah.. boleh bg tau camne jln nak ke sana… lg satu.. dib tau tau isi rumah Ar Raudah brp? ada ibu tunggal tak? kalau ada kontek bleh bg kat siti.. terima kasih yer.. maaf jika byk sgt soklan…heheh

    salam ramadhan..

  3. Takpe Siti no problem ……….. Siti bagi lah no tel ke email ke boleh lah kak Dib bagi tau info ………

  4. dimana untuk menempatkan anak gadis bermasallah.

  5. Salam saudara Lokman,
    Sila berkomunikasi di email saya insha’allah saya cuba beri pendapat dan pandangan …..

  6. slam,
    bleh tak sy nk tahu details psal ar- Raudhah ni. cntohnya keadaan dorg, ada ibu tunggal or tak, etc. mntak tlong ye. bleh bg kt emel. tq.

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