Save “Adik Nabila”


Re Aiine’s message in TAGGED recently, Saturday17 January 2009 was indeed another memorable day for me and other Biz Tag Club members who attended a Charity Seminar organized by Success Motivation Initiative (M) Sdn Bhd specially dedicated to Adik Nabila.

Nabila Abdul Raes, a 12-year old child is suffering from Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD), a complex cyanotic congenital heart disease.  AVSD means that there are few holes present in the walls separating the compartments/chambers of the upper and lower portion of the heart commonly found in Down Syndrome persons.  The symptoms seriously affect the blood flow within the heart, as well as from the heart to the lung and to the rest of the body, rendering the person to be lethargic, easily tired, breathless and having bluish discoloration of the skin, nails or at the extremities.

picture12Nabila’s condition is complicated by the presence of other heart deformalities and corrective surgery is imperative and urgent.  The estimated cost of Nabila’s surgery and post operation care is estimated at RM58,000.



Amongst the guest speakers who were present and contributed their time and effort for the charity seminar was :-

  • Dr Norizan Razak (PhD)  –  Director, Urban Ethos Consultancy Group
  • Ms Evelyn EL Ch’ng (PJK, JP)   –   Managing Director, C&P Ventures Sdn Bhd
  • Hjh Bedah Rajak  –  Nabila’s mother
  • Mr Howard Khoo   –   Group CEO, Hing Yiap Knitting Ind. Bhd
  • Ms Helen Seibt  –  Founder of IDC Group of Companies

IZ (Ezuan Sulaini) a finalist from the reality show One In A Million made a special appearance and performance to entertain guests, it was truly touching to see Nabila inviting everyone to stand and clap our hands to IZ’s song entitled “Gonna Be Alright” …. touching giler …uuhhuuuhuuuu ….

A famous dramatist/comedian Ms Angeline Tan also made a special appearance on stage interacting with IZ, who later invited Moe Nasrullah from Fly FM on stage.  Though I could not stay on till the end of the seminar, but it was all an interesting event, however, we do wish more could be done to help lessen the burden and pain Nabila is going through ……….. our prayers be with you and family …. we will continue to promote and highlight your plight to all our close friends, peers, acquaintances, families and everyone out there with a note from Nabila – “I want to have a happy life too!”

Appended below are some of the pictures I managed to capture as memoirs for my blog.

picture11   picture51

picture14   picture15

picture7   picture6


6 Responses

  1. I hope Nabila gets the surgery and that it goes well!

    Penny Green
    Down’s Heart Group

  2. Dib, sincere thanks from nabila and the whole family….together we can make a difference, extend your prayer to her always…Anna

  3. Hii.. salam kenal from Indonesia…

  4. Salam perkenalan dan persahabatan dari Mossavi sekeluarga juga ….

  5. anakku jg nabila namanya……….

  6. Dear Dib, alhamdulillah everything when well for her, today exactly 3 months past after her open heart surgery. Thank you to the Allah for making things possible for nabila and to all donors and the prayers extended to her…may allah bless you all with many more abundance…..Wasallam. – Anna

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