Responsibility – Part 1



When I was younger, I thought I had to do or be involved with something really big to make a difference and spread peace. Now I believe that I have the ability to create peace on earth every day with every person I come in contact with. Sometimes just a smile can bring peace to someone. I believe the little things matter.

Staying out of the gossip at work, not reacting to the mean driver behind me on the way home, listening to someone who needs to talk, doing what I can to help those around me. I also think that teaching my son by example to be tolerant of others’ beliefs and practices is very important. I may not be able to bring peace to the whole world, but I can work on bringing peace to my little corner of it.



4 Responses

  1. “Berbuat baiklah sesama manusia. Kebaikan mereka dihalas dengan baik. Keburukan mereka dibalas dengan keburukan.”
    – Al-Fathoni

    Ahh.. watever. I just created that saying.

    “Cara yang terbaik untuk menyebarkan kedamaian adalah dengan mengajar anak-anak tentang kedamaian.”
    – Pok Deng Al-Terengganuni

  2. PokDeng Al-Terengganuni yang amat di geruni hehehehe ….. peace!

  3. kesalahan ejaan dikesan:

    digeruni, bukan di geruni. LOL.

    Oh I miss my BeeeeeeeeEm days. My cikgu bm called me ‘pakar bahasa’ during my high school days.

  4. OOohh ha’ah ek?! Coz kalau imbuhan tu menunjukkan tempat, barulah ada spacing kan? hehehe thanks PokDeng …. bagus tu, saling menegur kesilapan 🙂

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