Been under too much pressure recently.  Perhaps been also taking things a lil too seriously.  I took a break last weekend.  Gave myself the chance to relax se-relax-relax nya!!  Drove around Nilai with Shasha, Qabid and Zakwan.  Lepak at the mamak’s.  Grab snacks at 7eleven.  Then ….. walla!!!

Mossavi   :    Hmmmm no karaoke hangout lah around here kan? (munch munch eating nasi kandar)

Zakwan    :    Eh, I saw a banner by the roadside tadi MakLong.  It says “Red Box Karaoke promotion”

Qabid       :    Ha’ah mama ….. ada, ada.

Shasha     :    Wah korang bila karaoke tau je ada kat mana!

Mama       :    Takpe, nanti kita round round see where about it is. Makan dulu.

Later in the evening, after maghrib prayers, we got dressed, and apparently, Abangah and wife pun nak join.  Hehehe fun!!! Qabid asked if he could invite his cousin, Amy as well.  Of course I have no objections.  The more the merrier kan kan kan??!!!

my-box-1   my-box-21

my-box-3   my-box-41

MakTeh invited Mama, Qabid and Amy to put up the night at her house in Sendayan Avenue coz Mak Teh wanted to jog in the recreation park near her house the next morning.


Alamak …… that reminds me, I owe Qayyum some picts from the previous week’s activity in Kuala Kubu Bharu.  Well, will post the picts here for you and Acik to view.  It was quite fun doing senamrobics and senamtari with the kids from Darul Hasanah Orphanage where Tok Anjang is the Penyelia.

picture2   picture6

picture10   picture16

picture21   picture23


4 Responses

  1. hah?! Nilai ada redbox ke aunty?? kat manaa?kat manaaa?

  2. Temi,
    Hehehe bukan Red Box la sayang, its MY BOX hehehe …. adik-beradik lah tu agak nya … its near INTI College University which is so very near aunty’s hse too, walking distance 🙂

  3. your house is not far from inti college huh?dekat sangat kita ni, my kampung is just after the old pekan nilai.will be going back this aidiladha,aunty beraya mana nanti?

  4. Oh ye ke Temi, u asal Negeri Sembilan ke?

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