Palestinian Rep’s Speech at UN


“Before beginning my talk, I want to tell you something about Moses.  When he struck the rock and he brought forth water, he thought to himself ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath!'”

So he removed his clothes, put them aside on the rocks, and entered the water.  When he got out and wanted to get dressed, his clothes had vanished.

‘Maybe an Israeli had stolen them,’ he thought.

The Israeli representative jumped up furiously and shouted “What are you talking about!?  The Israeli’s werent there then…”

The Palestinian representative smiled and said “….. and now that we have made clear, allow me to begin my speech ….”


2 Responses

  1. That outraged Israeli is probably on 1/1000000 scale of stupid Jews. Jews are smart. I forgot already the verse from the Quran mentioning about Jews advantage of being smart.

  2. Yup they are …… Allah sengaja anugerahkan mereka dgn kebijaksaan dan kebahgiaan duniawi coz there wont be any portion at all for them in Akhirat …… but Muslims are encouraged to take up the challenge and tap their knowledge and skills …. something like that … wallahualam. However, as for politicians, unless they improve on their knowledge and wisdom and other leadership qualities, they are nothing but merely empty heads with heavy butts hehehehe

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