BizTAG eClub


From  :  Dib,  Aiine,  A Azman,   Mas,

A new Community Club in the making …….. nantikan lah gegaran nya hahahahaha …..

Abg Bahar, Firza, Zee, Dato Zeq, Sham TV3, Nina,
A brief intro on the Background, Objectives, Terms & Conditions on the above have already been emailed to you guys. It will definitely be an honour to have a bunch of crazy but smart, hard working & rich nerds like u in my Community team to help me gear the Club’s role to foster better goodwill. Be it in respect of our personal needs, socially, the community around us, or even business-oriented.

Toksah dok tersengeh-sengeh, apa lagi, isi borang and return it back to us …… zzaaassssss!!!!

*** Kalau sekiranya ada further views/comments/suggestions janganlah malu-malu, sila simpan dulu dalam kepala otak dan bentangkan during our first meeting nanti, wokay??!!


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