OBAMA – Change has come

obamaListening to Barack Obama’s inspiring victory speech sent tears rolling down my cheeks. When can we have our own Obama?  It was a defining moment in the history of American and his struggles to become the president have left poignant images in my brain. I admired his determination and perseverance during his journey and my heart reached out to our beloved Malaysia at the same time. If all Malaysians can share the same hope and aspirations for a better Malaysia, regardless of colour, creed or race, wouldn’t that be a wonderful place for us to live. Obama touched on all items we Malaysians feel and wished cud happen here in Msia.

Let’s hope we can make that change too ….I must believe we can…don’t know when but hope soon.

Malaysia needs our own Obama.  Najib hass been given the PM seat by 191 warlords who knows nuts about developing and bringing hope to Malaysia.

Early reports are indicating that the youngest members of the America’s electorate voted Tuesday in higher numbers than in the last presidential election — and they voted more Democratic. Youth turnout appears to be exceeding 2004 levels, which was itself a year with a big surge in voters ages 18 to 29.

Political analysts have long been forecasting a high number of young voters in this presidential election — but there’s always that niggling fear that young people will do what young people are known for: flaking out, slacking off and failing to show up when it counts.

But this time, young people seem to have turned out to vote in droves.

“This is a generation that doesn’t tend to think about asking experts for opinion; they tend to ask each other, and then that becomes the truth.”

Well Malaysians, it is definitely TIME for change too!


2 Responses

  1. When the US couldn’t find Osama, God gives them Obama. That’s ironic.

  2. PokDeng …. makes sense … Malaysia will have a saviour one day insha’allah …. too much of our tax paid money enjoyed by the selfish leaders to save their proxies & chronies ….

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