Customer Service

Here’s a conversation I once had about my new credit card with Customer Service representative.  It’s almost word for word (as far as I can recall).  The last part was awesome.

Me  :  Hi!  I’d like to add an alternate ship-to address to my credit card please.
Her : You mean you want that for today?
Me : Well … it doesnt need to be done right away … if it takes a couple of days thats ok.
Her : No, it is only good for one day.
Me : What!??
Her : We can add an alternate address to your account for one day.
Me : But eerrr I dont move around that much. Is there any way to add it permanently?
Her : No ma’am. I’m afraid not.
Me : Why not?!
Her : We dont do that ma’am.
Me : Oh well … then could you put in a request that this be added?
Her : I can add a note to your account ma’am.
Me : I meant …. like more of a “suggestion-that-someone-might-listen-to” sort of thing.
Her : You can write to our Correspondence Centre ma’am.
Me : I’m not really interested in writing letters for now, I just wanted to make a suggestion. Is there anyway it can de done by a phone call?
Her : You will still need to write a letter ma’am
Me : That seems a little inconvenient dont you think? Dont you care about hearing what your customers want?
Her : No ma’am. That is why we have a Correspondence Centre.


4 Responses

  1. Entah lar… tak tau nak salahkan sapa.

  2. Circumstantial … kepekaan individu terhadap situasi ad-hoc will always be an added-value point to one’s advancement in his/her may it be on personal capacity or career basis. I liaise with many young graduates/executives in my office, and out of the many, sad to say hanya 2 orang sahaja yang aunty recognized their pro-active ability which requires MATURITY & COMMON SENSE.
    Another good friend of mine Dr Joe (who was once the President of Persatuan Homeopathy M’sia) shared a few incidences with me when he fired some of his staff in their failure handling patients/customers. One must be sensitive to the current situation/industry. Rules are not meant to be broken yes, but there is always allowances where they can be justified circumstantially. Wallahualam.

  3. IMHO, Customer Service representative are initially responsible for any questions / favours asked by the customers/patients. Any request which goes unanswered or get ‘kicked around’ will surely give a bad first bad impression and will eventually jeopardise the whole company reputation in some way or another.

  4. Another round of standing ovation for Dr Gumbleed 🙂

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