Hantu Raya

Many have been said about Hantu Raya, and I have heard one where my aunt was caught in a situation when this so called ‘hantu raya’ appeared on her bed resembling my uncle (who was away in Europe at that time).  When my aunt turned to ask uncle when did he arrived from Europe and sneaked into bed, all she could do was simply cry out “Allahuakbar!” and passed out.  Later she dictated that she saw a huge, ugly, very hairy black being in bed beside her wanting to make love to her.

Years later, uncle had passed away, but noone seems to know what happened to aunt’s story of the makhluk she came face to face with.

Now hear my version –

I have not been able to sleep well since I cant remember when, and all I could assume was probably due to stress about work, home and especially financial matters.  Every other night, I would be awakened at precisely about 3.30 am or so only to find myself in difficulty trying to get back to my beauty sleep.  I’d get up and find chores to do – clean the kitchen, bathroom, do laundry, iron clothes, watch TV, VCD, listen to the radio and more often than not perform solat sunat and recite some verses from the holy Quran. This has been going on for perhaps the past 2 or 3 years.

Scene 1  –  I was in a taxi back in 1996 or so, on my way to IKEA alone.  Throughout the journey, the driver, an elderly Malay man, kept stealing glimpses of me from his rear mirror.  I felt uneasy but neither was I keen to ask him why. Suddenly he said “Minta maaf ye pakcik bercakap … raut muka anak ni seolah-olah anak ni ada masalah dan dugaan berat dalam hidup.  Rumah nenek kamu terbakar hangus sebelum datuk kamu meninggal kan? Nenek kamu meninggal genap sebulan selepas datuk kamu kan?  Dan kamu ni ada masalah besar dengan suami kan?  Anak ni banyak menaggung masalah orang lain kan?” – to which the answers were all YES.

His remarks woke me from my daydreaming self and I politely asked if he was from Kuala Kubu Bharu. He was not. But how would he know so much about me?  About my family?  When asked, his reply was “Ni ha orang yang duduk disebelah pakcik ni bagi tau.”

But there is no passenger beside him.

Damn, my hair stood on ends and “peluh sejuk” mula flow.  I asked him to stop immediately, paid him the fare and stepped down.  I continued the rest of the journey on foot till I reached IKEA.

Scene 2  –  In 2006 accompanied mum and dad to Pasar Chow Kit to buy some flowers and limau’s for some mandi bunga purpose (not for me okay).  Dad knows the pakcik who runs a small stall selling stuff for similar ritual needs ie kemenyan, limau purut, limau nipis, flowers of all types and colours.  As we approached, they exchanged “salams” and dad told him to pack 7 types of flowers and some limau’s for a mandi bunga for someone.  Thinking it was for me, he claimed “Untuk anak ni ke?  Tak perlu, dah ada 2 orang hulubalang gagah jaga dia kiri kanan….”  I could only hear myself utter “Astaghfirullahilazim …… what the f _ _ _.”

Scene 3  –  Last Friday nite, despite feeling feverish and having a bad sore throat, obliged to my neighbour’s favour to accompany her to see a “healer” to seek air Yassin as penerang hati for her son.  Whilst chanting verses recognized as surah Yassin, Pak Din stole glimpses at me every now and then.  Feeling uneasy I thought to myself “Awat gatal nya orang tua ni dok pandang2 aku.”  Wati noticed and when he was finished, introduced me to Pak Din.

“Pak Din, ini bukan orang lain.  Ini Mossavi, jiran saya.  Saya minta dia temankan saya malam ni sebab dia pun tinggal sorang je kat rumah.  Anak2 dia gi rumah bekas suami dia.”

This time he looked at me straight but passed me …. “Dah lama ke dengan dia?”

Both me and Wati were puzzled.

Pak Din continued “Kalau kamu senang dengan dia takpe lah, tapi benda tak elok buat apa simpan.  Satu hari nanti dia makan diri.”

Despite shivering feverishly, I said to myself “Apa hal orang tua ni?”

Wati broke the silence and asked “Kenapa Pak Din? Pak Din bercakap dgn siapa?”

Pak Din – “Kawan awak Mossavi lah.  Kalau iya pun nak buat kawan, kawan lah dengan saka yang baik baik.  Jangan kawan dengan makhluk macam tu.”

Both me and Wati  –  “Haaaaahhh??!! Makhluk macam mana?”

Pak Din  –  “Kamu tak tau ke?”

I shook my head.  Extremely puzzled beyond words.

Pak Din  –  “Astaghfirullahilazim ……… bukan kamu punya la ni?”

I shook again.  This time wanting him to explain what the hell is going on!

Pak Din  –  “Baiklah …. benda yang ikut anak ni dah lama dengan kamu.  Pakcik ingat kamu yang punya.  Dia tak bertuan lah ni, tersangkut dengan kamu.  Hati hati.  Dia mencari pasangan untuk bersama.  Kebetulan kamu memang tidak bersuami ….”

Damn my hair stood on its ends again …….. “Apa dia Pak Din? Siapa dia?”

Pak Din  –   “Dia besar, hitam dan banyak bulu.  Hantu raya lah.  Kamu selalu mimpi tak?”

Mossavi  –  “Memang la semua orang bermimpi!”

Pak Din  –  “Maksud pakcik, kamu tak senang tidur.  Maksud pakcik dia mengajak kamu bersama sebab dia sedang mencari pasangan.”

All I could do was swallow my salliva ……. as they accumulate along my air passageway ….. took a deep breath and uttered ASTAGHFIRULLAHILAZIM …. I put up the night at Wati’s for obvious reasons surely.

*** Got to discuss with mum, what the hell is going on? ………………

31 Responses

  1. I do believe in this kind of things sometimes. Better do something about it yea auntie huhuhu

    would love to know more about this Pak Din la..is he any good?

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  3. mossavi, my advice is:

    jangan pandang belakang,
    pandang depan.
    you go straight je,
    don’t belok-belok, straight je!!

    he he..seriously, this kind of things really exist. “percaya kepada yang ghaib”
    just don’t succumb to your fear of the unknown/unseen. “gua tak kacau lu, lu jgn kacau gua” I would say.

    I grew up in JB where I spent my whole childhood living next to a massive graveyard. never have we met any of those ‘unseen’, but my sixth sense sometimes uninvitingly detect their eerie presence.

    may be ‘pok deng the detector’ have some advice on this.

  4. Hipotesis:
    (1) Khadam aunty.
    (2) Orang lain punya, dihantar pada aunty.
    (3) Tidak bertuan, sengaja ikut.

    My advice untuk aunty, buang lah benda tu. Nanti makan diri. Nanti susah mau mati. Ya, saya tahu dia kenal saya. Sebab dia ikut aunty di mana aunty pergi. Sampai blogging pon dia tahu.

    Sebelum pergi ke mana-mana perubat tradisional pasal nak buang tu, baik amalkan apa yang patut.
    (1) Al-fatihah sekali.
    (2) 4 qul
    (3) Ayat qursi baca sapu seluruh badan sebelum tido.
    (4) Surah yaasin ayat 1 sampai 9. Baca 3 kali. Untuk pagar diri.
    (5) Surah yasin ayat 29 & 45 untuk lemahkan jin2 yang jahat.
    (6) Surah yasin ayat 17 untuk memanaskan jin keluar dari badan.

    Banyak-banyakkan pasang bacaan al-quran kat komputer dalam bilik. Terutama surah al-baqarah, surah al-jin, dan surah yaasin.

    Itu amalan-amalan sendiri lah.

    Untuk ke perubatan tradisional tu, JANGAN pilih sesuka hati bomoh. Saya takut nanti ‘berlawan.’ Khadam bomoh tu duk test power dengan aunty punyer ‘kawan’ aunty tu. Tak pon, khadam bomoh tu buat perjanjian dengan ‘kawan’ aunty tu. Paham2 je lar.. jin ni mana reti berjanji.

    Sebaiknya, pilihlah bomoh yang mengamalkan bacaan ayat-ayat quran. Mesti ingat, bunga 7 jenis + kemenyan itu waddahek?!! No need.

    Saya syorkan aunty pergi ke cawangan Perubatan Islam Darul Syifa’ sekitar KL tu. Insyallah menjadi.

    Memang benda tu sedang jaga aunty. Tapi kita ni orang Islam kenalah bersandarkan Allah. Bukan Encik Jin.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Temi, GumBleed, PokDeng,
    Memang keturunan on my mum’s side ada saka, but my aunt confirmed dah buang. When arwah TokWan passed away, none of my uncles nor aunties were ready to fulfill the obligation. Memang aunty tak pernah rasa takut pd apa pun … agak pelik sebenarnya for a woman. Last month ada orang pecah masuk rumah Wati (neighbour). I just arrived home from work and heard screams of Wati’s maid. Wati was not home. My brother and dad panicked didnt know what to do. I walked across to Wati’s bare footed and even wanted to apprehend the intruder. My brother yelled to get away coz its too dangerous. Strangely, I did not feel fear at all! Next thing I knew, the intruder lompat pagar belakang and got away. Police came later and questioned everyone.
    Hmmmm …. satu lagi, aunty noticed, sesiapa yang pernah sakitkan or lukakan hati aunty …. he/she terima kesedihan or jiwa tak tenteram. I dont have any enemy, tapi pernah once auntie cried and cried coz my best friend betrayed me. She told everyone that my career depended on her influence otherwise aunty tak boleh survive. Later I found out her teenage daughter lumpuh sebelah badan. I am not relating the incident to anything, tapi bila aunty duduk sorang2 “hallucinating” or layan kepala …. masa tu aunty perasan and aunty takut nak marah-marah orang lagi dah…… maka lahirlah kebenaran kalimah “Sabar itu separuh dari Iman”
    Thanks for all your comments and advise ….. bersemangat dan aunty pun sebenarnya tidak takut pada apa pun selain ALLAH swt.

  6. Temi, let me have yr email, kita berdiskusi in private selesa kot?

  7. Oh BTW, that picture… yang aunty upload tu… is Jesus, according to Christianity.

  8. ok am going to email u soon, boleh berkenal-kenalan kan 😉

  9. PokDeng, Oh ye ke? Hehehe silap technography la pulak …. ingatkan hantu raya hehe.

    Temi, yup boleh kita berkenal-kenalan. Memanjangkan silaturrahim amat digalakkan, memusnahkannya – berdosa. Salam silaturrahim dari aunty 🙂

  10. auntie, check your dib_mossavi@yahoo.com email yea 😉

  11. Okay Temi darling 🙂

  12. mossavi, try taking a few snapshots over your shoulder or in the mirror, see you can capture it in photo.
    p/s : no photo-editing please, tak aci kuih koci masam basi masuk baldi.

  13. Gumbleed,
    Really it works that way? Okay nanti I’ll try …..hehehe aci aci bukak pintu …

  14. macam mana nak tau hantu raya tuh dah bersama dengan kita ataupun tidak..

  15. Minci,
    Tu la pasal …. aunty jarang sgt2 pergi berubat, usually I just accompany others, tapi tup tup kita lak yg jadi object uji kaji …. hadoi ngok ngek betol la …
    Dulu masa sekolah mak dptkan air penerang hati utk belajar, pas tu masa nak kahwin, mak mandikan air bunga, tu je. Tapi aunty ni jenis tak takut amende pun. Hantu ke, penyamun ke, perampok ke, semua aunty tibai … agaknya aunty ni raja segala hantu kot miaahaahaahaaa …. ooopppss taknak takabbur, tak baik …
    Masa aunty kecil dulu pernah terserempak dgn toyol … nanti aunty kena recall semula cerita tu from my cousin coz kami berdua terserempak dekat rubber estate kat kampung when we were like 8 yrs old …

  16. Thank God I only saw ghost once, but not that ugly as “jangan pandang belakang” movie. ‘She’ kept staring at me at a ‘lubang angin’ of our bathroom, and then disappeared. Both us saw her, but my mum didn’t.

    Lately, saya baru je something dari badan. Benda yang datang dari latihan silat. Saya jadi baran, stress melampau-lampau, lembap belajar (okay, I’m a university student doing degree in Resource Biotechnology. Aged 21)lebih-lebih lagi selepas ditinggalkan kekasih bodow-bodow camtu je. Well you should read again a post entitled “Thank God” in my blog. Heh.

    Since then I’ve been practicing a lot of kebatinan cara islam to rid that thing out of me. That’s the main reason I know how it looks like being “ada pedamping” dalam diri.

    A year ago, saya pegang kawan yang sedang histeria. Believe it or not, bulan Ramadhan. Jin Islam bernama ‘faizal’ yang rasuk.

    Saya sendiri yang tanya nama Jin tu selepas bagi salam, dan dia jawab salam tu. I was shocked that I was the only person Jin tu yang berlembut sket. Kalau dengan orang lain, silap marah-marah. Ada jugak yang kena ludah (mamat yang kena ludah tu berambut dyed).

    Ye lah, ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian. Sebab kadang-kadang kita lupakan Boss atas sana tu.

  17. Correction:

    Lately, saya baru [BUANG] je something…

  18. Strangely, I seem to share some of your ‘symptoms’. I frequently wake up around 3.30 am, I am not scared of most things and I seem to be able to accomplish and achieve things even though I don’t have any prior experience. Also, when people hurt my feelings, something bad seems to happen to them…. It can be helped that I sometimes like talk to this other kind of ‘voice’ in my head. I think that ‘voice’ is kinder and humane than me…. weird.

  19. yea,sy sokong pe yg pok deng kta 2..bnda nie mangla blh bt kwn…..but,smpai bila…nanti dye mkn dri sndri.lg ssah………so,thing ar utk kebaikan sendiri………..
    ingat banyakkan mengamaalkan hadis2 al-quran kta………..

  20. Salam, bagi pada pendapat saya, apa yang ada pada you adalah SAKA dari keturunan. Saya cadangkan you buang aje. Tapi kena tengok betul-betul takut bomoh tak betul. tapi I cadangkan seseorang kalau you interested email me at nora@live.com.my. kadang-kadang bomoh tu kata dia buang SAKA tapi hanya makhluk halus yang ikut SAKA tu aje. Tapi orang yang my family pernah buang ni. Dia buang semua dan tak kan kembali lagi. Insyaallah.

  21. Dah removed ke mende tu mossavi? You’re fortunate enough to realise it’s existence as many people don’t.
    I’ve seen it before when my late grandma died… a tragic one. U better act fast cos it may not harm you physically but mentally it’s a poison that will eat you from inside

  22. PokDeng, Alanes,
    Very true …. I hv observed that whoever took advantage of me or hurt my feelings, they find themselves ‘lost’ in their own state or peace of mind. This ‘thing’ does hot harm me in ways others thought it wud. Instead, it protects. I recalled many instances when those who intented to take advantage of me, their intentions were “revealed” like a book!!!! I get weird ‘signals’ via my left eye and my left ear captures really really weird ‘signals’ ……….. usually I dont really know what the signals indicate, not until the last moment …… then I’d utter “Ya Allah …. no wonder….” – Allahuakbar.

  23. Whatever it is… I hope you would find peace in your life and may Allah protect you from any harm. It’s a weird thing but you’re the only person who knows best about it. It’s not your willing to have it with you… but if it brings you peace and protects you… just let it be.

  24. Hi Zac, almost to express my thanks for dropping by my page and appreciate yr sincere comments. Well, that “thing” doesnt realy bother me much, after I escalate my prayers and seek help from my Creator all the time. Nice meeting you Zac ….do u hv a blog or any page abt u I can view or browse?

  25. sorry for the missing words in between hehehehe am typing in a hurry my fingers works much much faster than my mind does hahahaha ………..and the words tumbled all over!!!!

  26. I do not have any blog or website, most of the time I browse my car club/forum or surfing for info. Please drop by at our forum http://devoteesofcharade.com and look for me as zac3080, it’s a very well organised car club and forum. I stuck to the club since the guys are cool and calm unlike my mitsubishi club friend. I was looking for the tsunami info when I stumbled upon your blog recently.
    Now i’m working in kuantan and residing in the peaceful pekan… an open area for tsunami ha ha ha Well, I’m a sitting duck if it’s ever happen here..

  27. Oh ok sure Zac will do ……..my email adibah_m@yahoo.co.uk drop me a line or two if u have time.

  28. Sure… why not

  29. tulis la dlm bahasa melyu.sorry ..tulis ayt semua 2 plsss

  30. hantu tak pernah wujud..n yg kita lihat tu adalah jin..muga kita dilindungi dr gangguan jin2 ini.insyarallah..salam persahabatan dr sy

  31. benda2 ni memeng la wujud tetapi kita tak perlu takut sbb benda2 ni pun makhluk tuhan jugak….

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