While I was checking out for messages in my TAGGED account, only realised I missed out a list of questionaires posted to me by someone, like ….. bila ek? hang on let me check again …… masha’allah posted to me 2 months ago!! OMG hahahaha kesian nya dia dok menunggu jawapan and baru tadi I ter”realise” hehehe, anyway here are the answers :-

1)  You drive to work?    –    Nope

2)   Favourite game?     –    Congkak & Monopoly

3)   Favourite colour?     –    Green (this year only, next year belum determine lagi)

4)   How far from your office?     –    Apa yang far? My house? Bus stand? Taxi stand? LRT station?

5)   Do you have PA in your office?     –     Ada, & she reports to my Director.

6)   Star?     –    Virgo and STAR LRT.

7)   Type of person … ie sensitive?     –     I have been diagnosed a “nerd” in its critical stage.

8)   Education Level   –  BBA (pursuing PJJ. If nerdy attacks tak chronic, insha’allah grad tahun ni)

9)   Staff under you?     –     Good Food stuff.

10)   Time to office & back    –    9 to 6

11)   Do u like swimming?     –    Yes in own buth tub

12)   Do u like golfing channel 815?     –    I like CHANNEL d’parfum

13)   from where ….. kampong?     –     Kuala Kubu Bharu, Tulis Nama Atas Batu

14)   Sister & brother?     –     2 sis & 3 bros

15)   Name most favourite song     –     Kekasih Gelap (coz forever in the dark – uncertainties)

16)   Best dishes cooked?     –     Veggieless Nasi Goreng Kampung Special ala Qadiran

17)   Choice of food     –     Halal & Toyyiba

18)   Dress : simple or high taste     –     Dressed according to occasion

19)   Do you go for branded items?  –  Yes, Maggie Slurrrp, Cheesedale, Sardine A1, Pizza Hut, etc

20)   Do you like shopping?     –    Yes when I have budgeted for it or if ada orang sponsor

21)   Where?     –     Depends on what I want to buy lah

22)   Alone or accompanied?     –     Depends on what, where.

23)   Country visited overseas so far?     –     Italy & Vietnam

24)   U believe in experience comes knowledge or vice versa? – I believe in discipline & right attitude.

25)   What do u do during pastime? – Read (when in serious mode) Talk & Write rubbish (in nerdy mode)

26)   May I say u r a successful working lady?     –    Thank you (with blinking eyes blink blink)

27)   Do u like slow dance?     –     Prefer Dancing in The Rain

28)   Do u socialise with people around u?   –    Yes, for civilization purposes

29)   Do u prefer baju kurung, simple & easy clothes to work?    –     Refer Q 18

30)   Your height 5′ 3″ / weight 58 kgs     –     Close.

31)   Am I upsetting u with these questions?     –     Yes & No

32)   Do u prefer sea food or western set?     –     Anything halal & toyyiba

33)   Do u go to mamak stall for roti canai & teh tarik?     –     As long as halal & toyyiba

🙂     I hereby declare that I am tagging Minci, PokDeng, Dean, GumBleed, Temi, Azie …… jawab jangan tak jawab!

** Psssttt is this how we tag people? Kalau salah sila jangan ketawakan saya tau! hehehe


8 Responses

  1. “24) U believe in experience comes knowledge or vice versa? – I believe in discipline & right attitude.”

    I like that.

  2. favorite color berubah mengikut tahun ke? 😀

  3. Tag me.. tag me.. ha ha ha

  4. PokDeng,

    Ha’ah colour itu mengikut musim dan zaman hehehe

    Aunty tak faham cam mana nak TAG but betul ke yang aunty buat tu?

  5. never been tagged before. you tagged me just before i’m about to say “don’t you even think about it….” might as well play along.

    p/s ; i tought we’re supposed to tell just 5 things (truth?) bout ourself?

  6. jom maen congkak…teng teng suka? batu seremban? konda kondi? baling selipar? baling tin? rounders?ahaha

  7. betullah apa yang aunty buat nih..
    ha ha ha..

  8. Gumbleed,
    Ever heard of light travels faster than sound? Hehehehe….Mossavi (Grease Lightning) ; Gumbleed (sound trouble) miiaahaaahaaaa

    Hehehehe … jgn banyak ngomel, you’re TAGGED.

    Another achievement of my life – PANDAI menge-TAG orang – hehehe 🙂

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