An office colleague who has been observing me for quite awhile …… suddenly said –

“You have that LOOK in your eyes, that reflects that you will never give up. Wont let matters get in the way of you achieving whats best for yourself, your family and those whom you love.  You let others have the choice of either stepping out of the way …. OR …. jump on the bandwagon.  Your key wordNATUREYour personal aspectHOME LIFE

*** Bottom line is …… helloooooo we’re paid to focus on customers accounts maaaaaa hehehehe waaaahh you got time to stare at me meh!!? Hehehehe ……. siap “observe” lagi miaahaaaaahaaaaa *&^%$#@!^&*()


4 Responses

  1. omg.. its like in the movies..
    the person says those words, pastuh camera closeup to the face and got light shining behind the person
    n then focus at aunty’s face.. for audience to see THE LOOK.. miahahahhaa

  2. Next change – THE LOOK – starring Mossavi Model (the guardian angel hehe), DaMinci (heroin sensasi), PokDeng (hero semasa)….. cepat-cepat berdaftar dgn prodution house Mossavi to get a role …. stand-in ke, stand-out ke, stand-off ke bla bla bla bla pot pet pot pet pot pet …..

  3. Hmmm… why my name (nickname lar) always being written whenever you invented a(n) analogy/situation?

    Okay, I prefer to be a stuntman then. I can jump over 9 persons who bowed juxtapose-ly on the ground, a part of my silat training, and that’s my record, number 2 in Sarawak which was 12.

  4. Phewwwwwiittttt …….

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