Made In ??

With more and more milk products from China and Taiwan having problem. We really got to check where the things are produced. Here is a way to differentiate Taiwan made products and China made products : by looking at first three digits of its Bar Code.

If the 1st 3 digits are 690, 691 or 692 – China made
If the 1st 3 digits are 471 – Taiwan made


3 Responses

  1. Corrupted country. Halleluya Malaysia.

  2. so macamnana dgn barang dari cina yang diimpot masuk tapi guna untuk proses jadi produk lain. contoh susu krimer dari cina (selamat?) diproses kat malaysia jadi minuman 3 in 1 pastu letak barcode baru (malaysia).
    zaman skrng banyak base product dari cina yang belum tentu halal/haram atau suci/x

    member sy penah jumpa canned pork made in china ada cop halal jakim lagi !!!

  3. Gumbleed, you are so very right …… I am working for Msian Agr Food Corpn, supposedly our role to assist Agri Ministry enforce the importance of food safety, food sovereignty, to everyone coz apparently a few fresh produces were tested in the labs and the findings on the fertiliser’s residue components were simply menakutkan!!!!! We are all actually poisoning our families. Sad kan?

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