Neck – Good Exercise


6 Responses

  1. You owe me 30 seconds from my lifetime reading this strange poem. I’m lazy maaa…

  2. Hahahahaha I dont owe you anything maaaaa!!!! Hahahaha …. bottomline is the poem was merely meant to make u tilt yr head sideways hence giving yr neck a lil exercise …. something like that lah I suppose hehehe

  3. did it!
    huwarghh.. rejuvenated.. 😛

  4. Miaahaahaaa see what I mean PokDeng?!! Hehehe

  5. read it while standing,
    doing the pinwheel…

    Urgh!! think i hear sumthin snapped!!

  6. Gumbleed,
    Hahahahaha …. masha’allah pasal apa yg pi buat standing hahaha it’s for computer nerds like me yg lack exercise ….

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