Titian Kasih Orphanage

Sunday – 14 Sept 2008

Together with single-mums and orphans from Rumah Titian Kasih, Titiwangsa, more than 50 TAGGED & MySpace members became hosts to our second event of the year ie Majlis Berbuka Sambil Beramal at Amy Search’s & wife, Norish new dining outlet “Cheng Ho” in Wangsa Maju.

Though it was quite a down pour, the evening’s turn out was exceptionally commendable.  The evening was made a memorable one for all of us with the presence of Amy Search & Norish themselves.  The comittee received an overwhelming respond from personal sponsors and “sedekah” enabling us to provide the orphans with goodies, hampers and duit raya.  Mossavi as emcee was “crooning” “screeching” her dry throat to reach out to the crowd in the absence of the most usefool tool in a gathering – the microphone 🙂 ….. ehem ehem yeeaarrggghhhh cough cough …… alas, Ayani came to the rescue miaahaaahaaaa.












6 Responses

  1. Wow amy search!! Nice songkok!

  2. nice ceremony… sy masih tak berkesempatan untuk makan di Cheng Ho walau dpt review dr rakan tempat tu bagus…mesti meriah kan majlis tu..

    my mom is a single mom too…

  3. Yes Zyn, everyone had fun there … the kids presented us a nasyid, sooooo CUTE 🙂 How old is your mum Zyn? Pls convey my warm regards to her yeah …. HUGZ!

  4. PokDeng …. yeah alhamdulilah Amy Search was able to join us … made the kids happy 🙂

  5. congrats to u kak dib!!!

  6. Ija !!!! Hi sis, how are you dear? Thanks and hugz! Baby ok?

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