Baju Raya

One may wonder, what is the big deal about a ‘baju raya’?  How is it going to be different from our normal ‘going out’ dress?

I have come across ladies during Hari Raya Open house gatherings, looking like they have just stepped out of the VAGUE VOGUE magazine.  The ‘bling’ (jewellery) is too outlandish, the hair immaculately coiffured and six inches stilletoes (phew do you suppose I should construct a catwalk stage for this year’s Hari Raya Open house in Nilai?).

Sadly in life, we are judged by ephemeral things, and not by the real value of a person which lies in their character.  And for an asian woman the idea of flaunting your cleavage at a Hari Raya Open house could backfire. 

The following are just some of my suggestions and ideas :-

  • Looking chic and smart would do justice
  • Dont overstate your jewellery and make-up
  • Dont try to look like the queen or the princess
  • Dont look like a bride with head gears and stuff
  • Avoid tight-fitting modern baju kurung if you want to eliminate the visions of the ‘spare tyre(s)’

My greatest wish is to see smart variations of our national dress which can suit any occasion – office, formal events, wedding, Hari Raya.

The bottom-line-is  :  Lets dress and strive to be cultural, modest (did I hear my second name?) or as the occasion demands, and uninviting.

Mossavi is dreaming of a green Hari Raya this year ……….. sigh.


2 Responses

  1. The big deal about ‘baju raya’ is that its new.. he he
    yah yah.. make it a green raya.. coz my baju kurung fairy is green.. 😛

  2. Good answer hehe …. yah yah yah green is cool kan Min?

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